ERUPTION screens on TV3 on October 13th

Our latest telefeature 'Eruption' will screen on TV3 at 8.30pm on Wednesday 13th October 2010 (during 'Get Ready' week)

If you enjoyed our telefeature Aftershock (about a devastating earthquake in Wellington), then Eruption should be on your veiwing list. It shows what a volcanic eruption in the middle of Auckland's harbour might be like.

The scenario is based on scientific reasoning that a hot spot 100km beneath the city could cause another eruption.

Eruption features a well known cast with Mark Mitchinson playing the lead character - obsessed seismologist Clive, who believes an eruption is imminent, but struggles to convince his fellow scientists. There’s his high-stress wife, Mere (Nicola Kawana), who is planning a Maori welcome for 800 cruise ship visitors and drinking too much. There’s Clive’s unnaturally mature teenage daughter, Molly (Billie Holland). Other stories involve a Hong Kong hotshot, his downtrodden girlfriend and the Chinese woman who helps her; a mother who is in hospital when events begin, leaving her two young lads at home; and two radio DJs, who are sceptical at first, but who switch into public service mode when things get serious.

Watch our TRAILER  for Eruption

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