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Aftershock - Would You Survive?



Aftershock - Would You Survive? is now available to download or stream online from our Vimeo On Demand page.

In the follow-up to the 2 hour telefeature Aftershock, we test the average Kiwi’s preparedness for a natural disaster – and ability to survive if the worst happens. Aftershock – Would You Survive? puts an ordinary Kiwi family through their own personal disaster, challenging them at every turn as their world is literally shaken-up and then they’re made to cope in a disaster zone with no help, for three long days.

Available on DVD from the Filmshop.

See related earthquake and tsunami informational videos on the Gibson Group Youtube Channel including Aftershock, Behind The Scenes.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

45 minute factual programme for TV3.

Aired 9th October 2008.