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Telly Laughs



This was the Skitz spin-off show whose sketches dealt exclusively with Television advertisements, television shows and the movies. The material was very mainstream and accessible, particularly when compared to the new look Skitz which contained sketches based on news stories and political events. The cast and crew were the same as for Skitz III.     

Co-produced by Chris Ellis and Dave Gibson, Telly Laughs was voted 'Best Entertainment Programme' at the 1997 TV Guide Film and Television Awards of New Zealand.  

In 1997, the Gibson Group produced a second series of Telly Laughs. By now, cast member Hori Ahipene had graduated to the role of Director, and was occasionally assisted by cast members Mike Sengelow and Lyndee-Jane Rutherford. Telly Laughs II was also produced in a one-hour format and episode three was nominated as 'Best Comedy Programme' in 1998.

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Technical Specifications

TV Production

Production Year: 1999

Title: Telly Laughs International

Description: 8 x 1/2 hr comedy

Production Year: 1998

Title: Telly Laughs - Series II

Description: 6 x 46min

Outline: A hilarious, fast paced and irreverent series of comedy sketches satirizing popular culture from New Zealand's top rating comedy team.

Production Year: 1996

Title: Telly Laughs -  Series I

Description: 6 x 1 hr

Outline: The successful Skitz spin-off whose sketches dealt exclusively with television advertisements, television shows and the movies.