Copenhagen Touch Wall


Taking the Museum to the Streets


 Photo: Caspar Miskin

Winner of 4 major awards around the world

4 years on the streets of Copenhagen

1,350,933 visitors

11,443,330 image views from the museum collection

321,745 visitor uploads and emails


Called Væggen in Danish and The Wall in English, this groundbreaking project was designed and built by Gibson Group in partnership with the Museum of Copenhagen and graphic artists Spild af Tid, and continues to delight and inform users 14 hours a day 7 days a week.

Click here to view a short documentary on how The Wall works and how it was made. A more detailed presentation to the Museums on the Web conference can be found here



 What is it?    

The Wall is a giant mobile interactive kiosk designed to give a wide public audience on the streets direct and playful access to their museum’s collections, and to add their own material in real time.



How does it work?

The distinctive and original 3D Cityscape user interface enables users to intuitively explore the city's past and present through a 3D mind map created from thousands of images and videos from the historical collections of the museum, and increasingly from the contemporary collections of users who add material continuously – directly at The Wall and through its web portal.



The 12 meter kiosk is housed in a highly customized shipping container, with huge plasma screens and touch systems, and driven by a network of computers pulling constantly updated media and metadata in real-time from a central database.



For further info contact the Visitor Experiences team:  +64 274 542 102  +64 224 256 789

Similar projects using the key concepts and software from this project bundled as TouchCity Walls are underway around the world. See more information here.