Gibson Group

Discovery Wall

Christchurch, NZ


The Outline

A once in a generation project helping the city of Christchurch create a large ‘entrance’ experience for their new $100m central library that celebrates the culture and heritage of the city.  

Our Role

Turn key GibsonWalls product - concept development, UX & UI design, software & media production, engineering, fabrication and installation, project management

We Collaborated With

Space & Time (Copenhagen), Anderson Design, Toulouse


The Details

Tasked with exposing to the public the culture and heritage of Christchurch City using their library’s digital collections, Gibson Group composed an interactive psychogeographic map of Christchurch onto a massive 7m touch screen wall located inside the entrance lobby of the city’s new $100M central library – Tūranga.

With a touch of a finger multiple users can walk through the past and present of the city created from over 1000 cut-out ‘Hero’ images of buildings, streets, landscapes, events and people. Touch on any image in the collage and users discover several thousand more images are available to explore via curated albums and related media tags. They can also comment on and share images with others.

The Discovery Wall is accompanied by a website at where the images can be explored too and the public is encouraged to contribute their own images and stories to the collection. Once moderated these images automatically appear on the interface. The client can also batch upload more of their content over time through a bespoke Content Management System, so the number of images accessed through the Discovery Wall will continue to increase and change as the public engage with the experience.

In addition to the Discovery Wall in Tūranga and the website, there is a 75” mobile version that tours around to other libraries in the city network and Outreach programs and events.


“Like no other library in New Zealand, a game changer” - Google review


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