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Master Planning & Attraction Development


The Outline

Assisting the Galveston Historic Foundation in their transition to a contemporary cultural tourism business under the #galvestonhistory brand, by developing location-based tourism attractions in historic venues, featuring highly themed historic environments and sophisticated individualised interactivity.

Our Role

Master planning, experience and exhibit design, interactive systems design and programming.

We Collaborated With

#galvestonhistory, Alamo Architects (San Antonio, Texas), FIT Architects (Wellington, NZ)


The Details

The Galveston Historic Foundation operates 10 historic sites on the island as tourism attractions.

Gibson Group is participating in master planning development with them, aiming at confederating these sites into integrated and individualised visitor experiences.

 A key component is the #galvestonhistory user card system, designed and programmed in-house by the Gibson Group digital team. Visitors record basic contact details using iPads that scan the card’s unique QR code with the iPad camera. The system will record the visitor’s subsequent interactions in the location-based exhibitions, and integrate both contact data and the visitor’s content interests into the organisation’s Salesforce CRM, prompting targeted individual marketing campaigns.

In parallel, Gibson Group’s digital team has developed and delivered an extensive Content Management System to be the organisation’s principle content research repository, and to push visitor-ready content to the various attraction exhibitions.

These digital interactive systems are integrated into highly themed physical exhibits that Gibson Group are developing in partnership with local Texas architects and suppliers.


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