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The Outline

Brain research is a dynamic discipline making breakthroughs and discoveries at a startling rate, though strangely there is less really good science on the difference between men and women than you might think. With lots of easy-to-use information, dynamic experiments and real-life wisdom, Kiwi neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis seeks to answer a classic question: do men and women think differently? And if they do, is it because of physical differences in the brain’s structure?

Our Role

Direction, production management, post-production

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Prime Television, New Zealand On Air


The Details

With New Zealand labs in the vanguard of neuroscience research, Nathan returns to his old stomping ground at the University of Otago to find out more about what’s been going on there since he left, as well as having his head read at the Centre for Advanced MRI in Auckland.

Nathan enjoys giving toys to chimpanzees with Victoria University of Wellington professor Bart Ellenbroek, and tests his testosterone on a hot race track lap with New Zealand’s star rally driver Emma Gilmour. 

Along the way Nathan explores what we actually mean when we say ‘be a man’, or ‘acting like a girl’. He questions underlying ideas about biological gender with intersex activist Mani Bruce Mitchell, exploring her extraordinary personal journey through sexual identity by asking - do our bodies really set us apart, or is that difference essentially a prejudice?


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