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Operation Hero

Children’s Factual Television Series


The Outline

An action-adventure series where Kiwi kids tackle challenges inspired by the amazing achievements of real-life Kiwi heroes. The series explores what it takes to be a hero – bravery, courage and heart – by putting teams through their paces in tough challenges. And when it comes to the challenges, it’s definitely time for the players to get out of their comfort zone.

Our Role

Direction, production management, post-production

We Collaborated With

Television New Zealand, New Zealand On Air, New Zealand Defence Force


The Details

The series ran over four ten-episode seasons between 2011 and 2014. During each episode the players are told of the deeds of a real-life hero and then must compete in two huge challenges inspired by the hero’s actions and courage.              

Made with the co-operation of the NZ Defence Force, the series accesses unique challenge locations like the Navy’s flood tank simulator, the Air Force’s Iroquois training zone at Santoft Forest and a massive 40 metre high dam at the back of the Army’s Waiouru training camp. Players also come face to face with sharks at Kelly Tarlton’s.     


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